Sunday, July 26, 2009

Market is better than government

Paul Krugman is a genius. I generally agree with his viewpoint, and if not I at least respect his scholarship. On this healthcare piece, I think he is wrong:

why markets can't cure healthcare

I don't doubt the facts, just the context and the solution.

We need to create a free marketplace within healthcare.

We can do that by educating the public, and public advocates.
Ensuring that everyone has the money to buy an excellent healthcare option.
Demanding the government does its' job to root out waste, fraud, and abuse.

The government needs to take the part of healthcare that isn't profitable out of the private sector or at least regulate it firmly.

Then we need to allow companies and investors to compete on the best way to deliver healthcare. Given the right incentives, a free market always works better than a group of people planning.

It's because there are more minds and good reason to succeed: money.

So we need a regulated marketplace with rules that demand universal coverage and competition.

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