Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gates and affirmative action

President Obama erred when he said the Cambridge police acted stupidly in reference to arrest Prof. Gates. He should have gotten all of the facts and been more measured.

It is clear that both sides were wrong, and that Obama's words could and should apply to all involved including himself.

But the one good thing about the case is that there is an implicit argument for the right kind of affirmative action.

On site, according to newsreports were the white officer, in addition to an African American and a Hispanic officer.

Reports say the black officer corroborates the white officer's version rather that of Gates.

This has great creditibility to those who want to fair.
It is good to have diversity in important positions.

Had there been 3 white officers this story would be different.
Instead it has devolved into a battle of egos.
There seems to be little racial implications except those injected by Gates and outsiders.

America is on the right path and that needs to be said repeatedly because there are those who will ignore that we are talking about a celebrated Ivy League Professor who lives in a city where he personally knows the black mayor, black governor, and in a country where he's friends with our black President.

Enough said.

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