Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama should define principles

I generally agree with the policies of our President, but I accept that many of them are open to a very negative interpretation. Therefore, President Obama should clearly state what he believes in, and how each of his policies are advancing towards those goals.

I hope the President believes in a vibrant free market that works well for as many Americans as possible, and that all of the governmental intervention is designed to create such a system.

In foreign policy, I hope the President believes in projecting a strong military to do good for the U.S. and the world, and using that opportunity to practice diplomacy.

I don't mind big governmental spending if it is for a good purpose. A better healthcare system would be one such instance. Getting the economy back on track would be another. The President should make clear that he is willing and able to cut spending that isn't working or is wasteful.

Democrats should promote the idea of using the government to create the conditions for prosperity, and then stepping aside and letting the millions of American people work to make it happen. Government planning is a poor substitute for the free market. The government should set the rules and enforce them.

In the world, we should set clear standards about our protection,and the world we will lead, and be willing to back it up with force.

Obama's biggest danger is in not being clear about the overall goals and allowing others to guide our country down the wrong path.

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