Monday, June 1, 2009

Gesture towards a Free Market

I understand that it is necessary for Americans to be patient as our nation addresses this economic crisis. But within this context, I want our President to make a firm gesture towards supporting a free market rather central governmental planning.

Our nation is the best on earth because of our freedom to take risks (and fail), or succeed and produce prosperity on an individual level. It isn't pretty on the downside, but it is the best known so far.

Surely there are some banks that can safely pay back the TARP funds and be free of governmental control. The Obama Administration should facilitate this process as quick as possible and then promote it as a success.

I believe in the power of a big government to help the free market function better. But that is the point, not the government but the market.

There are some on our side who believe in the power of "smart" people to plan better than letting a market work. They are wrong.

Obama should state this clearly as a fellow Democrat.

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