Monday, May 18, 2009

John Roberts: right wing

I am not a leftist. I am a true liberal. I will accept the common sense approaches that work regardless of the labels. This often leads many on the left to think of me as right-wing, though not vice versa.

Here in an article about Chief Justice John Roberts, is an example of what's wrong with Conservative thinking:

In Roberts’s view, there was no legal difference between the intentionally segregated public schools of Topeka, Kansas, at issue in Brown, and the integration plan in Seattle, five decades later.

He's comparing the evil of segregation with the good of integration and diversity.
While I might ultimately agree with the position that forced diversity is not always good or desirable and the costs are too high to certain individuals, it is ridiculous not to distinguish between the purpose and actual effects on society.

As thinkers we must always keep our interest in reality and not in legal theory.
This is part of what I hope the President meant by seeking for "empathetic judges".
I agree with the President in general.

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