Friday, May 15, 2009

How abortion polls are meaningless

There are recent polls that say Americans are increasingly "pro life".


The fact is this is meaningless and misleading. The American people have had decades to vote for and insist on pro-life policies. They have chosen to either not care or vote for moderately pro-choice politicians.

Republicans who were supposedly pro-life have place pro-choice jurist on the Supreme Court on many occasions.

In addition, we have over a million abortions performed in the U.S. each year. This happens every year.

There is no prospect of "pro-life" policies taking hold right now. That would have to mean some type of enforcement mechanism. No one seems willing to go there.

So to say you are "pro-life" is a nice sentiment without any meaning.
You still go to work everyday, pay your bills, and support law and order.
Well law and order right now includes legal abortions.

Of course things can change, but I suspect the fact that we have a very left wing President and Congress who are extremely pro-choice, affords many people who don't really think the issue out clearly the luxury of being rhetorically "pro-life".

I am personally against abortion, and wish "pro-life" meant something in terms of policy. Finding ways to limit the circumstances where people would choose to abort their unborn child. Set up incentives that promote life, marriage, and good values.
But ultimately we can't as a society assume control over women's bodies.
It is unAmerican and unworkable.

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