Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cleveland Cavaliers

One day, Lebron James is the best basketball player in the NBA. Now, he needs help.
All year long Cleveland was the best team. Now, they are 1 game from elimination, and need to win 3 straight.

I want people to make judgements and be held accountable. Not wait for results and change based on what's popular or clear at that time.

Lebron has not won a championship. He can't be the best player without having won a championship.

Kobe Bryant is the best player.

If Cleveland doesn't win three straight, they weren't the best team.

If they do. They still need to win the NBA title.

It's hard to accept that a year's long great season is worthless in the NBA playoffs.
But it is.

In one game, you lose the home court advantage, and in a series you lose your creditibility.

Lebron needs a much better team.

Orlando wins in Game five.

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