Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reasons I'm a Democrat: Guns

gun control - we need a comprehensive approach to preventing the legal posession of firearms by dangerous people. These are people who as of todayaren't in jail and/or haven't committed a crime but are clearly not responsible enough to have a gun. Domestic violence history and mental instabilty clearly top the list. However, it is difficult to prove something that hasn't occurred yet.

Also we need a clear chain of custody on every gun made. That should include a license for the gun and the owner similar to automobile registration and a drivers' license. If we hold the last person who legally had the gun accountable for what happens to it then we will stop so many straw purchases and bad sales.

We need to enforce the mandatory jail time for illegal gun possession laws and forbid the usual plea bargaining that goes on. People need to know just to carry it is hard time, to use it is even more. This will discourage an otherwise good citizen from making a bad choice. It won't deal with the hard-core, but that can be addressed elsewhere.

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