Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Real Change in Cuba policy

President Obama is doing a great job overall. I was very skeptical of his candidacy both in terms of it's approach and the actual policy goals. Yet, with some very notable exceptions which I have made clear (I'm against his gay friendly, and anti-school schoice atmosphere), there has been real progress in Washington.

One example of this is the shift in Cuba policy. Mostly because of domestic concerns in states like Florida and New Jersey, both parties have continued a dumb plan of trying to isolate Cuba.

In fact the best approach is to flood Cuba with capitalism and freedom. Force the Castro government to deny it's people the best that's available. Once the people realize that it is the government who is preventing a much, much better life, I think it is inevitable Cuba will become freer sooner rather than later.

That Obama is doing this after having won Florida is impressive. He has the stature to take on tough tasks and make it work. Obama has an unshakable base that will not leave him in 2012. The question is whether this will expand to others who support Obama.

But politicians need to do things that are right rather than politically correct. They should decide what do I want my political legacy to be. Their career will end at some point, and hopefully they want it to stand for more than getting elected.

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