Saturday, April 25, 2009

Obama versus Clinton: public opinion polls

I agree with the observation that President Obama is using his "political capital" as fast as he can while he has it to do the things he thinks is right for America, while former President Clinton did everything he could to keep it as high as possible. While Clinton wound up using it in the Lewinski scandal somewhat, he did wind up a rather popular President. But I think I represent most Democrats in thinking that Clinton wasted too much of his potential, and never took the big chances (except in his personal life).

President Obama is different. He is ignoring the nonsense about the "deficit" and pursuing long term plans that will change America for the good. While I might disagree with the particulars, we surely need a national health care strategy. I support a comprehensive system that promotes a free market competition within the sector. If President Obama will take his outline from the campaign and work with moderates to make it more market friendly it should work.
While this is a big risk, it is why people should run for office.

Clinton tried in the beginning, but then quit and went into survival mode. Hopefully, Obama will keep trying no matter what.

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