Monday, March 23, 2009

Soccer: Unamerican

You wait all offseason for the new year to begin. You play a hard fought game. It comes down to the final minutes, and....

a tie.

D.C. United 2 LA Galaxy 2

This is a horrible joke that is offensive to our senses as Americans.
If soccer wants to be a major American sport, the first thing they must do is to declare a winner in at least 95% of the contests.

A tie is not fine every once and and awhile, even if there is some fluke.

In soccer, it is a regular occurrence.

There should be a provision to break the tie in any major contest.

I understand it in little league sports where there must be time limits. It is probably better to end in a tie than to decide the game on something silly. But I would probably still vote for something silly.
Next. Soccer must get rid of the offside rule and create more offense. It is difficult to watch a good game and not see great play rewarded with a score. Shots on goal don't cut it.

Lastly, they might want to take some people off the field so the skilled players have more room and opportunity to shine and score.
All that said, I probably still would never become a soccer fan, but at least we would have made it an American sport.

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