Tuesday, March 17, 2009

President Bush does the right thing

President Bush is showing the class that he did while he was in office:

Former President George W. Bush said Tuesday he won't criticize President Barack Obama because Obama "deserves my silence," and said he plans to write a book about the 12 toughest decisions he made in office.
Bush declined to critique the Obama administration Tuesday in his first speech since leaving office. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has said that Obama's decisions are threatening America's safety.

The 43rd President did a lot of good and should not only be spoken of in terms of the failures or mistakes. One of his greatest successes is to demand the same accountability for all sub-groups in Education, stating, he refused "the soft bigotry of low expectations". In addition, his War on Terror resulted in no attacks since 9/11. Whether through some combination of luck or skill, it deserves recognition.

Democrats, we should be humble and acknowledge the good from the last eight years while we rightfully castigate the rest.

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