Sunday, March 15, 2009

ESPN makes Knight mistake for tournament

Why would ESPN put Bob Knight on Sportscenter during the NCAA basketball selection special if he was going to be his usual idiotic self? Refusing to answer the questions, and attacking the premise of others. When asked what he thought about UCONN being chosen over Memphis as a #1 seed, Knight went on to tell viewers how it didn't matter, and then went into a speech about his history.

Hello, how are you ESPN?

Why not ask him beforehand, and then decide not to put him on at that moment?

There are people who love the sport, love the reasoning behind the picks, and love the debate.

That is why they would be, um... watching SPORTSCENTER AT THAT TIME!

Now, if they want to give Knight a platform at a later time to rant, fine, but this guy craves being different, and ESPN should have let him do that by himself.

Let's enjoy the Madness!

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