Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Democrats on Financial Television

As a party we need to coordinate our guest lists for Financial television programming or even when the topic is going to involve economics.

We are constantly being represented by economic illiterates and it makes us look really bad.

People like Rep. Elijah Cummings of Md. go in programs like Squak Box on CNBC and make fools of themselves and the party.

I realize it is probably difficult to tell a senior member of Congress what to do. But this is bad.

Likewise with many of the Democrats on these Congressional Panels.

I must admit we won the last two elections including the Presidency so perhaps they have more of the truth than I do, but my gut tells me that if we want to prosper as a majority party we need to have coherent representatives.

Barney Frank, for all the things I disagree with him about, is really good on economics.

Likewise with Bernie Sanders, Chris Dodd, and others.

But many of these democrats, especially the more senior liberal are ignorant and should be censored by the party.

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