Saturday, March 14, 2009

Democrats and Guns

I respect the rights of law-abiding people to protect themselves. However, that right conflicts with the propensity of criminals to use guns, and also (otherwise) law-abiding citizens harming themselves and those they are acquainted with.

I don't respect the "rights of hunters" and the other nonsense that many Democrats hide behind. I'm for looking at the relevant facts concerning the safety/use of guns and making tough decisions for society.

It seems that Democrats have lost this policy debate and are scared of the gun lobby.

I want my party to do what is right and figure out how to sell it politically rather than cowering.

I stick with my party even though they keep standing up for the gay rights lobby that I disagree with.

I stick with my party even though they stand in the way of vouchers for America's children.

...and so on.

Democrats are right on many issues and have to advocate for them regardless of their popularity.

We fought against the partial-privatization of Social Security, and are clearly correct on that.

We have fought for common sense gun control and safety issues and while I'm not sure we're correct, that is my belief today.

We regulate alcohol use, tobacco use, automobile use, and yet not gun use? Well, not to the extent we should.

We should have registration, licensing, and other restrictions that control the spread of guns.

We need to increase enforcement of current laws and make sure the penalties for carrying and using guns are severe and certain.

Democrats shouldn't forfeit their majority over this issue, but we should quit either.
We should keep working to make America safer. We are safer with Democrats in control.
It's a tough balancing act, but we need the effort.

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