Sunday, February 1, 2009

Small government

I fundamentally believe in less government and more personal freedom to make decisions. So when given the choice between a governmental body whether at the federal, state, or local level making decisions about education, I support vouchers and other market oriented plans that leave the choices and decisions to millions of parents.

The Republicans keep talking the correct way on these and other issues, but when they come to power somehow they don't get the job done. They mortgaged their majority party status to fight the War in Iraq, but when it comes to education or other issues they back down or actually fight on the other side of "their principles".

I know when someone is serious about "smaller government" when they oppose popular government programs. I'm talking about popular ideas like the Prescription drug benefit in Medicare. Otherwise it is just talking in the abstract and worth nothing.

Our country needs a conservative movement but morally and in a fiscal sense. Not that they will win on the issues but we need the debate.

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