Thursday, February 5, 2009

Short Memory

Those of us who are active in Democratic Party politics should make sure we don't forget that President Obama was the one who won the election when many of us not only thought he couldn't do it, and certaintly not in the fashion that he did.

I supported Hillary Clinton in the Primary because I thought Senator Obama wasn't qualified for the office of POTUS. The campaign proved me wrong. It was Obama who was more prepared to play within the rules and win the Primary.

I was a part of the conventional wisdom that wrote off states like Indiana, North Carolina, and perhaps Virginia to the Republicans. Once Again, Obama was correct.

So now as the Obama administration charts it's course on the Stimulus Bill, I will of course keep offering good ideas, but let's be honest, Obama has won at every turn, we really should trust his judgement.

He's proven he's better at politics than the rest of us.

...For now.

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