Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Obama vs Clinton or McCain

Right now, President Obama is dealing with a number of serious issues facing this country.

-We are still at war with the Terrorists.
-We are trying to deal with a number of other foreign entanglements in the Middle East, Iran, and elsewhere.
-Our financial system is still in ruins and needs a bold new plan.
-Our economy is in a major recession.
-The education and retirement system needs tremendous reform.

This is not to mention the attack on our culture from leftwing extremists.


I must say that President Obama inspires confidence. I can't imagine that Hillary Clinton or certainly not John McCain could do better.

He has already shown himself to be a great leader.

When he is wrong or his leadership is absent I will be the first to say so (as in the battle to stop the leftwingers in hollywood).

The American people got this election right.

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