Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No College Football Playoff needed

I'm not against a playoff system in Division I Football.
I'm not outraged that we don't have one either.

Many People, including the President, are really upset about the current BCS system because it leaves out deserving teams from the chance to win a title, yet

Look at the NFL playoffs. The best teams don't get in the playoffs. Just this year:

New England Patriots 11-5 no playoffs
San Diego Chargers 8-8 in the playoffs

Dallas 9-7
TB 9-7
Chicago 9-7

All didn't make the playoffs

while Arizona at 9-7 didn't have to compete against them and coasted in the playoffs from a weak division.

There are problems with every system.

In college football there will always be inequities because every one doesn't play each other, the schedules are too different across the nation, and some teams just aren't deserving of a playoff spot (because they are less talented and play at a lower level) but political pressure would demand they get one. An undefeated Tulane, Utah, Boise State, or even a Rutgers doesn't compare with a one or even two loss LSU, Florida, Michigan, etc. Yet a playoff system, I"m sure would be forced to treat them as equals. I like it better the way it is now.

The debate is good for college football. The 2 months of watching the BCS standings fluctuate is even better.

I honestly think the system is better now than if we had a playoff because then teams wouldn't play the whole year to get into the 2 spots, it would be to get into the top 4, 8 or however many positions are in the playoffs.

Right now every game is meaningful and could be the end of a team's dreams for that season. A playoff would add a new (bad) dimension of resting players, and strategic scheduling.

The way it is now, a major team needs to win all it's games to have a good shot at the title. One bad loss and they are nearly finished. Sure sometimes there are undefeated major teams like an Auburn from a few years ago, or a really good USC that had one loss a few years back.

But I like the idea of mixing objective facts (computers) with subjective opinions to pick the two best teams. It works in college football because we are comparing such disparate teams, and it's not like we can schedule an unlimited series to decide it on the field like basketball.

Speaking of basketball, I like most of Americans love the NCAA college basketball tournament. Yet, look at how it helps to devalue the regular season, and conference championships. All everyone wants is a "chance" at the Big Dance. I'll take that in basketball, leave football pretty alone and I'll be just fine.

back to the king of the sports leagues...

We saw this year in the NFL that a playoff system doesn't guarantee fairness or the best teams to get a shot, so since no system is perfect, and the current BCS is garnering such attention, let's keep it the way it is.

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