Monday, February 23, 2009

media should censor some speech

The first amendment to the United States Constitution protects individuals' right to free speech. Especially political speech from being punished or curtailed by the government. This is why I'm against the current campaign financing laws which control and effectively prohibit many people from speaking in the way that they wish. More on that another day. But today we shold talk about speech that should be curtailed. I'm still against the government doing it, but at least this would be good work this time. This is a job for the press.

Right now, we need to focus on the need for the media to censor certain speech that is not suitable for print. An example is Senator Bunning of Kentucky. The headlines reads: "Bunning: Ginsburg dead in 9 months".

The article should not have been printed. The headline shouldn't have been written. The paper should have reported that Bunning used inapporiate speech concerning a sitting Supreme Court Justice. The writer could then go on to describe what happened as best as possible without further offending the public of the Justice. They should then censor Bunning until he apologized or resigned. This is not responsible for Bunning to say things like this in such a flippant way. It degrades the culture, and it could inspire idiots to do idiotic things on various levels.

It would be different if this was a medical conference or if this was the Justice herself talking. But this (according to the article) was a Senator talking politics.

We can't wait for the next election to punish Bunning or the Republicans. The media should do the job. They would do it if he said certain racial slurs. How many times have you seen, ..."N-word" expletive or something of the sort?

In the public sphere we should promote our best selves and work hard to keep moving America forward. Progress should mean a better America, and it's up to each individual to do their part.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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