Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bush versus Obama

When Former President George W. Bush won the 2000 election with less votes than Al Gore, many people thought he would have to govern like...

President Obama!!!

He who won a majority of the popular vote and an electoral college landslide.

Bush defined his plan, and then fought for it. He designed his tax cut, his plans after 9/11, the surge after the 2006 election, and more. Bush was supposed to be the "uniter not a divider" but his politics drew bright lines and forced people to choose with very little chance to make changes.

Obama has reacted to this governing style by promising bipartisanship. The Republicans (still in partisan mode are using this against him.

Obama should define bipartisanship and force the Republicans to take it or leave it.
This means Obama should determine which Republican ideas will be accepted rather than empowering them to act as though they won something.

It is possible that is what Obama is doing, but in the meantime he is losing the Public Relations battle that affects his credibility on other issues.

Take charge and tell Republicans how it is you will reach out.

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