Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alex Rodriguez test positive for steroids

What I take from the news that then Texas Ranger shortstop Alex Rodiguez tested positive for steroids in 2003 is that increasingly in America you can't take very much at face value and for certain.

At the time, MLB wanted to do an honest survey to find out the scope of steroid use, and worked with the players to set up testing that wouldn't be released to the public and it wouldn't result in any punitive action for those who tested positive for steroids.

The players did their part, yet some 5 to 6 years later the information is (supposedly) discovered and released to the public.

This is very dissappointing that a process so clear was violated by someone.

That said. I totally believe the story, and am dissappointed at Rodriguez. I have generally been a fan and on his side in all of the media stories (except the one about cheating on his wife).

I, like mnay other baseball fans thought Rodriguez would be the one to break the homerun record in an honest fashion, and restore dignity to the record-book.

This now not only taints ARod, but also anyone who has or will do anything incredible. No serious person can be shocked to hear allegations about anyone now.
That said. I think we should change the rules to allow more freedom in the training regimens and performance enhancers that would be allowed.
We allow medical surgeries that sometimes "fix" the athletes better than they were orginally. To me, that is not natural. For example, someone who gets laser eye surgery that improves his vision; or someone who has "Tommy John" surgery that makes his arm stronger than before.

Also, there are players who play so hard that their bodies will inevitably break down, who then are put back together.

The point is that the idea that steroids are not natural and "cheating" is arbritary. I thin we need to change the rules. We allow people to take other risks to their body, they should be able to legally take that risk.


But as long as steroids are illegal, no player should use them. Those who do are cheaters and should be punished somehow.

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