Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top 3 transition disappointments

3. Roland Burris and his supporters cynical use of race to attain the U.S. Senate Seat. That Blago tried it is understandable (but wrong). That it worked shows that as Democrats we need to get a more healthy perspective on racial issues. Obama hasn't ushered in a new era. Obama benefitted from the old era. If the President-elect had stood firm against Burris it would have shown real character. Burris deserved to be seated (due to the Constitution), but not because of the racial issues which ultimately happened. Had he been white the Senate would have stood firm against him all the way through a Supreme Court decision.

2. Bill Richardson embarrassed himself by accepting the Commerce position and then having to resign it. He showed little character during the election season. First running a campaign which wasn't designed to win. Then endorsing Obama after giving his word to the Clintons. He is a nice man I'm sure, who should be happy he is governor of New Mexico and leave it at that. It would seem to me that job is much better than anything he is qualified for in Washington right now. If Obama wins a second term, Richardson surely will get an "A" spot, if he is still politically viable.

1. Announcement that Obama will let gays serve openly in military. This is wrong policy. This is wrong politics. The military should be able to set its' rules based on what is best to fight wars unless there is an overwhelming reason not to do so. This is not one in this case. We are socially engineering problems for politically correct reasons and trying to cover our eyes to the consequences. It is sad that there aren't any Democrats who will speak out against the gay rights lobby. Where are all the moderates and conservatives? I don't want them to just silently vote the right way. I want democrats who will set an agenda of traditonal values and America first policies out front. When Republicans do it, they fail and mess it up. Democrats have the moral authority to reassert good American values which do not include the radical gay agenda.

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