Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel should institute peace by itself

Once again, Israel is under fire for protecting itself:

GAZA — Israeli forces shelled areas deep inside Gaza City on Thursday, hitting the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and injuring at least three people among the hundreds sheltering in the compound, according to United Nations officials and witnesses.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed regret for the incident but said that Israeli forces were fired on by Hamas militants from just outside the compound and that the militants raced inside the compound to take cover, according to Mr. Olmert’s spokesman, Mark Regev. The United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, said that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak had told him the strike on the compound was a “grave mistake.” Mr. Ban, who was in Israel Thursday to press fore a cease-fire, said he expressed "strong protest and outrage" to Israel.

The problem is that it appears Israel lacks a grand strategy as to securing its' citizen safety. The Israeli government with the agreement of the United States should gather all parties together who have a legitimate interest in peace. This would not include people from Hamas and other terrorist groups. Then, they should by themselves develop a fair plan that could be implemented. They should anticipate complaints from all sides. They should be ready for unthinkable desperation from those who are totally invested in killing innocent people. Yet, the Israeli government should implement a peace deal by themselves. It's clear they will never have a true partner so they should do the right thing. They should do it all at once, and then fight to maintain it. Constantly responding to terrorists and unreasonable demands from leftwingers around the world hurts not only Israeli citizens but it affords too much credibility to people who don't deserve it.

We can solve the problems in the middle-east this year in 2009 through the use of military force. As long as the process is open and just the world will eventually accept it. If they don't, at least the Israeli people will be safer and their government would have done something other than the sold old thing.

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