Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gillibrand is an impressive politician

Kirsten Gillibrand has an impressive political story that should in fact and in politics benefit the Democratic Party. She is either an independent thinker or (more likely) a good representative of her more Republican leaning district.

Regardless of why, it is important and good for Democrats to have diversity in the Senate in terms of ideology.

She seems to be tougher than most in our party on illegal immigration and ethics.

What did bother me in this NY Times article was that Gillibrand had a 100% NRA voting record- where most Democrats are near zero.

While I am in support of gun control that works, that wasn't the issue.

It was that on gay rights Gillibrand votes with the left wingers 80% and that was the lowest in the New York Delegation.

It is so, so distressing to have our party walk in lock step with these extremists. Diversity on mainstream issues like being against the gay rights agenda is from 80% to 100%?

No, diversity is like Gillibrand on the NRA and gun issues from 100% - 0%.

Watching the announcement press conference, it is good to see Democrats in control.

Overall we are better than the Republicans because we have more open-minded thinkers (though not nearly enough on many key issues). Chuck Schumer was the leader at the Gillibrand press conference, and it should be noted he is a great political asset to our party and to this country.

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