Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gillibrand and guns

The rumor is that Kirsten Gillibrand is the front-runner to be appointed by New York Governor David Patterson to replace Hillary Clinton as United States Senator.

A look at her record shows she is a pretty typical democrat except on 2 issues:

1. Blue dog democrat - a basically bogus group that claims to support fiscal conservative policies; especially balancing the budget, paying for new spending; and generally moderate on social issues. I call them bogus because when it really matters they fall in line. So what's the point?

2. Supports gun rights - while I support the concept of gun control and think overall it is good for America if done right in conjunction with strict law enforcement, it is not a litmus test for me especially because neither side really advocates for a comprehensive policy.

I like the competition within our party, and hope Gillibrand is appointed. We could use more debate on the big issues and this may be a start.

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