Saturday, January 24, 2009

Context on Torture matters

Many who say that the United States should not torture, and that the Bush administration has harmed our prestige around the world are acting as though people in our government were torturing for the fun of it or even as punishment.

In fact, any torture we did was for the purpose of doing good: saving lives here in America and abroad.

We have to contrast between these different scenarios and stop acting as if the Bush team was evil. They were good Americans trying to do what they thought were right.

In this case, I agree with them. We should take extraordinary means to interrupt terrorists from striking here.

So, while I disagreed with the war in Iraq being necessary for our safety an even prudent overall, I do respect their good intentions and treat them with respect.

The media frenzy our Guantanomo and whether we've tortured detainees over the last eight years is misplaced. Abu Graib was a disgrace and torture in that context should be denounced and refuted. Yet, torture in the name of good is a whole different being. I understand arguments against it, but I believe we should protect this great land. Among other reasons, a healthy, safe and happy America will do more good on Earth than any other land.

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