Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Top 5 laws that need revisions

5. Immigration laws - that have allowed millions of illegals to impact our society. We need to determine a punishment for them, stop the current flow, and regulate the system so it makes sense.

4. Campaign finance laws - that limit legal donations . There should be full disclosure requirements that allow anyone to donate however much they want to whomever. Americans can't be "bought" and if we as a people care enough we'll stop anything we don't like by voting against it. Otherwise we should have the freedom to participate in democracy.

3. Death Penalty statutes- that allow innocent people to be sentenced to death. As long as there are people who regularly get convicted and sentenced for crimes they didn't commit, we shouldn't allow executions for crimes where idenitity is a question. In addition we should fix the system so that a defendant's economic status has no bearing because everyone gets the absolute best defense.

2. Marriage laws - that have allowed divorce and other revisions to undermine the institution as the life long commitment between one man and one woman. We need to seriously address the problems of the broken family by setting up laws that support the nuclear unit.

1. Social Security - that doesn't have personal accounts. While we should maintain Social Security as an insurance system that helps provide protection and a part of retirement, There should be options for investment and the ability to pass accrued funds to loved ones after you're gone. We should do all of this realizing that this shouldn't be an investment vehicle but rather a safety net.

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