Sunday, January 4, 2009

15 minutes is up for Bill Richardson

I was surprised he won election to an important office: Governor of New Mexico.

He vindicated his reputation since it was in shambles after his tenure at the Department of Energy in the Clinton administration.

Bill Richardson is a good man.
He is not an "A" list politician.

His Presidential campaign was a waste of time with no purpose.
He could have carried the banner for Latinos.
He could have stood for being a "free market" Democrat.
He could have advancced a "western Democrat" theme.

and so on.

But he wound up standing for 15 minutes looking for more.
Obama rightfully overlooked him for any serious cabinet job even under the pressure to nominate a hispanic to a top spot.

Now it turns out that was an even better decision that anyone could have known as Richardson is under investigation for the infamous "pay to play" schemes (see Blago, Illinois) and has withdrawn from being considered for Secretary of Commerce.

The position is a joke, and so was his appointment.
Bill Richardson should be happy to be governor.
Clear his name in the investigation.
Do a good job in his current job and be happy.

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