Monday, December 22, 2008

U.S. needs tougher laws against drunk drving

I find it unacceptable that people are allowed to drink a certain amount of alcohol and then legally drive a vehicle.

The legal limit should be zero ("O").

If you drink alcohol, you should have to wait until there is none in your system to drive.

Democrats should fight the alcohol industry and anyone else who has a problem with this.

I support people's right to drink adult beverages.
I don't support their right to put other people in danger, and to let them be the one's who decide if they are safe.

There are too many accidents and problems that happen every year.

I am appalled that this issue has receded into the background.
I DUI or DWI death is too many because it is predictable and preventable.

Also, for people who are caught driving when they were not sober, the punishments should be tougher the first time. We need jail time for every offender. No suspended license and probation because no one got hurt.

Oh no.

We need to let our laws demonstrate our values.

Democrats this is an area where bigger government is better government.

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