Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Interested to know when the next time

someone in the mainstream media calls the idea of "gay marriage" ridiculous and outrageous.

Because that is a majority opinion in the U.S., yet is virtually unrepresented in our media.

At a certain point, image becomes reality.

Democrats we are facing an all-out assault to stifle debate, and control our minds by extreme leftwing partisans.

I will fight for a liberal democratic party that promotes free speech and open debate.

We need to promote tradtional values that have worked for years, and advance new ideas where necessary.

Marriage needs to be strengthened for men and women. It has been weakened from the secular humanists. They have attacked it from all sides: divorce, fornication, "living together", etc.

Step by Step we should build back of the foundation, and establish our majority as a working one for the mainstream of America.

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