Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Illegal Immigrants

should not benefit from breaking the law!

The Democratic coalition includes some people who would not effectively enforce our borders as well as not tender any punishment on people who broke our immigration laws. They are wrong. If left to continue it will drastically harm our nation, and therefore the rest of the world.

We are the strongest nation in the world for many of reasons. One of them is the rule of law. It is constantly being attacked by people of both political parties for differing reasons. Whether it is Conservatives who don't like abortion laws or Liberals who don't like the Death Penalty. We have an increasing number of people who are losing respect for the Law. It is easy to follow laws you agree with, but the true test of an advanced society is in dealing with issues protected by law that you vehemently disagree with. Right now, the problem is still on the intellectual fringes and we are not in any danger.

But if we keep excusing people who brazenly the law, it will only invite more of it, not only in one particular area but in general.

Therefore we should enforce our Immigration laws or change them. I support the enforcement. In addition there should be a meaningful punishment for those who are already here, and it's not politcally correct to remove them.

Democrats can craft a policy that works for America without being unrealistic and playing to people's fears.

We should:

-have real identification cards that can't be forged
-punishment for employers who hire illegals that would put them out of business
-force anyone here illegally to be placed at the back of the line in terms of being eligible for citizenship. In addition, make them pay a substantial fine.
-police our borders with the newest technology; and defend it seriously

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