Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Celebrate 3 liberal Bush Achievements

Part of the immense hatred towards President Bush is that he represented the potential eradication of the Democratic Party through his "compassionate conservativism". It nevered materialized and in fact has almost boomeranged on Republicans. This is what can happen when you have attempt a high risk maneuver. But contrary to his low approval rating, the President has done many things that under normal circumstances Democrats would applaud.

3. Accepted the notion that education is a Federal responsibility.

In the 1990's Republicans in general believed that education should be a local issue and in fact wanted to eliminate the Department of education. President Bush sided with the Democrats in terms of his priorities, even though the exact details of No Child Left Behind Act may be too conservative, the fact is the Democrats won the debate about whether or not the Federal government should set policy.
Now I'm hoping the Federal Government will insist on giving every public school family the option of vouchers. The President had a minimal voucher component in 2001, I'm hoping for a universal plan.

2. Prescription Drug benefit under Medicare

President Bush added an essential component to our Seniors' health-care. While Democrats might disagree with the details, the foundation is there for the future. The hardest thing to do is to start something from nothing. Especially in Washington, it is much easier to reform than to create. I would like to see more free market reforms in medicare, and have it as an option in a universal health care plan.

1. America has been safe since September 11,2001.

This has allowed the country to focus on domestic concerns. It has led to the election of Obama. I would argue that were this country under sustained attack Democrats and the voters would not have chosen someone with Barack Obama's resume.

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