Friday, November 21, 2008

Unfair story about conflict of interest Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin

It shouldn't matter whether a host is receiving income from drug companies or whomever else as long as it is legal. Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin's job on the radio is to talk and be entertaining. Listeners should take his advice or opinion as far as they wish to. I'm sure they must know that everyone has a point of view and bias of some kind. It's important that we try to instill the ideal of personal responsibility in the private sector as much as possible. The press or the government should stop trying to "protect" people. This leads to less freedom, and ultimately a less vibrant society. Anyway, if this information was disclosed it would be just like the inane and useless financial disclaimers and disclosures used on financial channels. The extra knowledge doesn't add or detract from the guests' point of view. It just either clutters the screen or waste television time. We should use this opportunity to explain to people in all avenues to be an informed consumer and take ownership of the choices you make.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

Popular Radio Host Has Drug Company Ties

An influential psychiatrist who served as the host of public radio’s popular “The Infinite Mind” program earned at least $1.3 million between 2000 and 2007 giving marketing lectures for drug makers, income not mentioned on the program.

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