Saturday, November 8, 2008

Top 5 issues where Democrats are correct:

5. Pro-choice on abortion rights because ultimately the fetus is within a woman who has fundamental human rights. However, the party should be careful not to become pro-abortion and seemingly advocate policies that will increase and encourage women to choose abortions. The proper perspective is to allow women to retain the choice, and then work hard to make it unnecessary, and the choice to give life more attractive.

4. Social Security as an insurance program and not an investment vehicle. Individuals who choose to have every opportunity to increase their risk in their retirement portfolio, but Social Security should be a mandated government retirement program that protects the individual and us as a nation against the perils of old age.

3. Taking Affirmative Action to promote diversity and to redress historical grievances. In the future we should expand its' use beyond race and gender to help promote underserved and undervalued groups of many types such as ideological, geographical, body type, etc.

2. Gun-Control laws to keep firearms away from people who shouldn't have access to them. There are many people who are generally law-abiding but in stressful moments will do horrible things. The damage is potentially less severe without a gun.

1. Using the government to help give people an equal opportunity at success. This should not mean that there will be equivalent success by everyone, that is not the goal. The key is to make sure we all were prepared to compete in our society.

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