Thursday, November 20, 2008

NFL "no tolerance" is now "some tolerance"

The NFL commissioner got this case wrong. PacMan should be banned for life. He was already given his last chance to get it right. The league and the country shouldn't have to wait for his last strike to be overly violent or dangerous. It is clear he is not capable or willing to do the right thing. The benefit now could be to others who are reachable, that they don't have all of these chances ahead them. They need to do the right thing now. The NFL should reverse itself and not allow Adam Jones to play.

Pacman reinstated by Goodell

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Wednesday that suspended cornerback Adam ''Pacman'' Jones has been reinstated by league commissioner Roger Goodell.
Jones must miss two more games, this Sunday and the following game on Thanksgiving. He'll be back Dec. 7 at Pittsburgh.
''He much appreciates the Cowboys and Jerry Jones for standing behind him and encouraging him, and he's grateful to the commissioner,'' said Worrick Robinson, Adam Jones' attorney.
Jerry Jones would not reveal conditions the commissioner may have imposed. However, Robinson, said, ''He knows what he has to do. It's very clear.''
''He's a long way, a long way from having clear sailing,'' Jerry Jones said.
Adam Jones was suspended from the entire 2007 season because of multiple incidents while with the Tennessee Titans. Over the offseason, he was traded to Dallas and given another chance by Goodell. The Cowboys gave him a security team to help keep him in line, but on Oct. 7, Jones got into an alcohol-related scuffle with one of the bodyguards during a private party.
Jones spent part of his time away undergoing alcohol rehabilitation.
ALLEN FINED $25K: Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has been fined $25,000 for a recent spate of late hits, but he won't be suspended.
He's not planning to reduce his aggressiveness, either.
After his summons to NFL headquarters in New York on Tuesday, Allen continued resting and rehabilitating his sprained right shoulder. He vowed his approach to pass rushing would not change, even though he has been fined a total of $80,000 this season -- over three separate levies -- for what the league has deemed unacceptable contact during games.
''Not at all. I will play football the way I play football, and that's the way it is,'' Allen said after Wednesday's practice, in which he did not participate because of his injury. ''I'm not a dirty player. I never have been. I play hard football, and that's the bottom line.''
NOTE: Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow sustained a sprained right shoulder in Monday night's win over the Buffalo Bills, an injury unlikely to keep him out for an extended period.
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