Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama does pal around with terrorists

Some charges in the political arena are unfair because the underlying facts don't support the conclusion whether it is implied or explicit. Yet, when it comes to Obama and his political allies it is clear he has associated with the Far Left, and has failed to spread the often heard campaign message of his campaign about the greatness of America to these characters.

Those familiar with William Ayers, Reverend Wright, and others of the radical left know that they are instinctually anti-American in their outlook. They love to flaunt the "first amendment" as a shield to promote negative views of this country.

Many people understood the allure of such views as a young person, perhaps in college exploring the aspects of our history that is under-appreciated, but as a serious politician Obama has made the calculation that it was in his interest to be in these political circles.

I don't believe Obama is a radical; I think he is a moderated left-winger who understands the left wing impulses but realizes that American power, capitalism, and our form of life is actually the best way to pursue liberal goals. Yet, he has surrounded himself with radical thinkers who work hard to find and highlight the worst of our country in an inflamed manner.

Obama should dedicate himself to standing up for good American values and to push back against these left-wingers. He can still pal around with them, but while doing so Obama should be challenging them to change, and accept the greatness of the land that might very well elect him President of the United States.

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