Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hillary deserves credit for Obama's lead

Remember how the MSM tried to run Hillary out of the race numerous times prematurely?
Well once again Hillary is proving that her staying in the race was a win-win.
Either she would win.
Hillary's campaign would make Obama stronger in many ways:
1. He was forced to fight for votes in all of the states (except Florida and Michigan).2. Hillary's campaign (so far) has brought out all of the bad issues (ayers, wright, resko), and gave Obama time and opportunity to fine tune his response.
The end result has been that even in states where Hillary won, Obama started with a solid foundation (Ohio,Indiana, and Penn), and then there are states like North Carolina and Virginia where Obama had to fight for a Primary win, and now has a better chance at a General Election Victory.
This week, Bill Clinton is supposed to campaign with Obama. This should provide even more closure for some of the Primary fights, and a positive media narrative for Obama.

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