Monday, September 15, 2008

Why mothers matter more to children

and why Sarah Palin should put her children first and not run for Vice President.

I have not found one mainstream journalist, columnist, or public personality offer this viewpoint which I think is a common-held opinion among the masses:

Mothers are better parents than dads with younger children and our children suffer when moms don't put them first.

The reason is quite simple, for 9 months the baby and the woman were 1 person, and then in one tramatic experience (for both) they diverge as 2 distinct human beings.
A father is totally detached from this process and can never either simulate or even credibly fake it. No matter how much he loves his child, they were never connected in a maternal sense, and therefore the fathers' approach is necessarily different and almost always inferior.

This motherhood instinct used to be celebrated and praised. Yet, as women demanded (semi) equality, we are now in a position where we as a nation want to deny the elephant in the room. A child needs their mother, and anything else is giving them less than the best.

Governor Sarah Palin is the triumph of feminist liberals on the political process. When your opponents accept your viewpoint then that is true victory.

Unfortunately, we lose as a nation in this triumph.

We need strong mothers to nurture children when they're young, and strong fathers to provide discipline and direction as they mature.

It is politically incorrect to acknowledge and promote these traditional roles, but the statistics show that our country is suffering from the breakdown of the nuclear family. Whether it is the poor educational skills, the high use of drugs, premarital sex, and just overall decadence, we need to fight for a family structure that works the best for the whole family.

It would be refreshing for some conservatives and liberals to state that a mom with younger children shouldn't be running for President or Vice President.

By the way I use the term "semi" equality because we still are in a conflicting and confused state of affairs where women can "choose" to be fulltime moms, fulltime in the workforce; join the military or retain a traditional feminine role; demand chivalry and proper "respect" or agitate for completely equal treatment. We regularly lower standards for women in the workplace in terms of physical demands but pay them equal money; etc. =
Craig Farmer
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