Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We are stuck with hope that Obama is real deal

Today is a good example of why I deplored the dynamics of the democratic primary, where at first everyone in the media left-center and right promoted Obama as a roadblock to Hillary being "coronated"; then the left-leaning media along with African Americans and elite liberals in the Democratic Party declared that Obama MUST WIN based on made-up rules that didn't exist:
"the will of pledged delegates".
So as Hillary won every contest she could and had to:New Jersey, California, Ohio, Texas, Penn., Indiana, West Virgina, Kentucky,
The Democratic establishment kept moving towards Obama in a stunning fashion. They refused to allow a "fair fight".
By that I mean there were constant warnings about "sensitivity", about "Democratic Unity", and the over-riding racial themes were inescapable.
The end result is we now have a candidate in his first real National race, and he as of now looks just like Kerry and Gore.
Obama is on defense, responding to McCain, and has done so for the past few months.
He and we thought, NO MATTER, "we've got all the indicators and fundamentals on our side".
But now that the Republicans have shown something Obama hasn't seen in his Senate race or the Primaries: a Candidate who will do whatever it takes to win.
Hillary wasn't allowed to. Alan Keyes was a joke.
Obama is our candidate because the cost of rejecting him would alienate the African American base our party so badly that we couldn't win any national election.
Had Obama won a fair fight, he would really be battle tested, but he won a fight where Hillary had 1 hand tied behind her back due to her own black supporters, the media, the liberals.
Now what should we do?---------------------------------------- ---Obama needs to shed the Kerry and Gore image and hit McCain - Palin hard with an "unfair charge".
This can be done by a 3rd party group or in the campaign's name, but Obama needs to risk the media backlash of "this is not who he said he was" or he is going to lose.
The biggest detriment to Democrats winning the White House is the inherent and obvious reluctance to protect themselves and hence the country from attack. Obama is the 3rd straight candiate and 4 out of 5 (excluding Clinton) who projects weakness in terms of their demeanor.
Each time, the Republicans lie, spin, and just accuse Democrats of crazy things, and then the Democrats keep saying something to the tune of:
"The American people aren't that stupid to beleive...",
"I'm just going keep telling the truth...."
==Obama needs to be on 100% offense. For example:
1. attack McCain as being mentally unstable to govern based on his torture from Vietnam. This along with his age presents too much of a risk.
(must be subtle but hard-hitting--similar to the Republicans saying Obama was a "Community Organizer")
2. say outright- Palin is unqualifed to be Vice-President. Use the fact that she needs the advisors and Lieberman to coach her to get ready for the job.
True these are personal attacks but when you're being shot at, you can't win by trying to avoid getting hit.
You have to attack back and take out the shooter.
Democrats need to learn this both in policy and in politics.
---Black radio in Wash D.C. have started the "race card" games again. Not a week after the polls turned, there is open talk of how many racists are still in the country. Also how Obama is not being treated fairly(?).----Once again Obama should make clear that this is a great country win/lose, and he should then get on offense both policy wise and politically for the final 2 months.
I hope he is a good politician, but America is going to find out for the 1st time right now in the biggest election of our lives

Craig Farmer
making the word liberal safe again!

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