Thursday, September 11, 2008

Once again Bush takes Obama's advice on foreign policy

Authorizes raids in Pakistan

WASHINGTON — President Bush secretly approved orders in July that for the first time allow American Special Operations forces to carry out ground assaults inside Pakistan without the prior approval of the Pakistani government, according to senior American officials.

The classified orders signal a watershed for the Bush administration after nearly seven years of trying to work with Pakistan to combat the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and after months of high-level stalemate about how to challenge the militants’ increasingly secure base in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

Earlier on in the campaign season, Obama spoke of doing just this. He was roundly criticized by all of the "experts". It may turn out after all that his judgement is better than those with more experience. Though I hasten to add, if done again, I would still support one of the qualified candidates for President in the Primary such as Hillary or Biden.

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