Wednesday, August 13, 2008

U.S. takes second place in Olympic women's gymnastics

Supporters complain about Chinese underage competitors

If the Chinese cheated and had an unfair advantage, the United States team had two moral choices:

1. refuse to compete
2. compete and try to beat them therefby forfeiting their right to protest in any-way

The third option of complaining after they lost is unethical if they knew about the issue beforehand. It looks bad on their character, and instills a sense of weakness in the human soul. Psychologically, this allows the athletes to have a ready-made excuse as to why they didn't win. Which in turn, means they are focusing at least somewhat on failure rather than totally engrossed in success.

If no one found out until after the competition was over, then the Americans would have a real dilemma about whether to puruse the alleged misbehavior.

But I was watching the Olympics on television, and heard the announcers discussing the issue. That meant everyone was aware of the topic. At that point the female gynmastics team had a choice to participate or boycott. They tried to win, and lost. Case is closed.

Craig farmer
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