Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today's most important poll number!

ABC News/Planet Green/Stanford University poll. July 23-28, 2008. N=1,000 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3. Fieldwork by TNS.

"Do you think the federal government should do more than it's doing now to try to deal with global warming, should do less than it's doing now, or is it doing about the right amount?"

61 % more
10 % less
27% just right

This is a dissappointing poll number. If any rational person thought about the vastness of the planet earth, and the incredible unknowns involved, they and we should be more humble and not agitating to "act". I'm not so sure the things the government could/would do will necessarily cause any harm but the whole hysteria is bad in general. We should focus on creating as good a living for as many people on earth as possible. Hopefully that would be everyone. The idea that we the people through our government should be doing more to deal with global warming is dangerous because often that means less economic activity, and less modernity. However if there is a concerted effort to grow the economic activity while dealing with the issue both here and abroad, then more attention on global warming could mean more chances to create better living conditions around the world. But the key is to take a sober look at the environment and not be fanatics. The earth goes through cooling and warming cycles, and we as a human race can't control much if any of it. Therefore let's take care of God's green earth while also making sure to take care of the people on it.

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