Friday, August 8, 2008

rare proof of a negative: America is not racist

I am determined to continue my mission to move us as a democratic party toward a mainstream agenda that promotes opportunity for all Americans, and demands reponsibility in turn.
One strain of thought that has persisted in the Democratic Primary came from Obama supporters who basically assert that America is racist. They allow that we may have made some progress but the problems of race are a major factor in the lives of many people daily.
If you listened to the criticism of HRC and WJC, if you listen to the rants of Rev. Wright and Fleger, if you listen to Michelle Obama, if you listened to Obama and Oprah campaign in South Carolina, there was a tone set that was not only inaccurate but harmful.
I am an African American who used to acknowledge the racist nature of this country. That is until it stopped and we, the Civil Rights Community, the Democratic Party, we the Liberals won and America has changed.
While there are exceptions, and statistics to highlight the problems, the rule of fairness and equal opportunity is evident before our eyes everyday in so many ways that it doesn't make sense to try to list them. From appointments to important jobs, available credit,educational opportunities, to the ability to work and live where you please, the opportunity to start a business, a charity, a church, to make mistakes and get second chances etc.
Yet, time and time again, we hear people on the extreme Left, who still have too much power in our party point to examples that basically say, "If he were white, it wouldn't have happened".
The "It" can be 1 or thousands of scenarios that assert some racial bias.
I linked to this article about a WHITE MAYOR near my home in Maryland who got treated the way the extreme Left say BLACKS GET TREATED REGULARLY: al-mayor0807,0,4563211.story
The police shot his dogs, handcuffed the mayor and his family, and generally did a bad job.
Were this mayor, black, the issue of RACE would be paramount.
But the fact is, police have a tough job to do, and no matter the color, they make mistakes sometimes. They get it right way, way, more times.
There are bad police with racist motivations. Just like there are bad teachers with sexist movtivations. Or bad firemen with anti-Catholic motivations.
But the system is set up to be fair, and the people in general are working hard to make it a reality.
What I'm saying is, we as a Democratic Party and especially the online community, need to transistion away from the
"Jena 6" type cases and the "Duke Lacrosse" type cases, and even the "Diallo"type "41 shot" cases because America is a good country at heart.
For us to be a majority people, we must first believe that, and then help make it more so.
It doesn't mean you ignore facts or patterns, but it does mean you don't try to connect dots that could just as easily be random.
I chose this above case because if the Mayor was black it would be the normal story repeated time and time again. Yet, these scenarios happen to many white and other people everyday.
Here in this case:a white mayor treated without respect and horribly. It might show the need for reform in that particular police department.
But had this been a black mayor treated without respect and horribly. It might show the need for law enforcement to respect african americans in general, and that this country is still dealing with "racial issues".
That needs to change if we want to win.
Obama whether he wins or not has received a fair chance.
If Obama wins America is a great country.If Obama loses America is a great country.
I'm voting Obama, I hope you do too.I also hope you start celebrating the greatness of our land.

Craig Farmer
making the word "liberal" safe again!

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