Thursday, August 14, 2008

Northeastern Republicans in danger of losing

More problems ahead for GOP

WASHINGTON — Across the increasingly Democratic Northeast, Republicans are in danger of losing half a dozen or more Congressional seats in November, as even districts once considered safe have become vulnerable to well-financed Democrats, according to political analysts and members of both parties.

Since the Republican party refuses to stand for traditional moral values in a real way, this leaves politics as a truly secular exercise that Democrats can and will dominate in the near future. Republicans have ceded too much ground on "social issues" by either not emphasizing them, playing political games rather than offering principled leadership, or demonstrating low moral standards on a personal level. The Democratic party unfortunately doesn't often hold itself out to be moral so the people rarely punish the party because of individual misconduct. The Republicans in the northeast are suffering from the national disgust with the GOP, even though many of them have traditionally been very indepedent from their leadership. When religious voters in the northeast and elseswhere lose their zeal to vote then the GOP is left with mundane issues such as tax cuts, strong defense, gun rights, and tough on crime. However, the Democratic party has shown tremendous flexibility in terms of its' individual members and implementation of policies on these issues which freeze out the Republicans. So we are now at a perilous time where Republicans can become irrelevant. It may be that another second party may need to rise. Just a few years ago it looked just this bleak for the Democrats, so things can change quickly. I support the Democrats becoming the party of traditional moral values. We have a better moral compass than Republicans and can do a good job defining the world for our children.

Craig Farmer
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