Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton was done wrong by Obama

Barack Obama has one more chance to at apologize personally and in public to Bill Clinton for his campaign's playing the race card in the Democratic Primary. Bill Clinton has done his job as a political professional by vouching for Obama's readiness to be POTUS. It is clear to me that Clinton didn't believe a word a he was saying in support of Obama. McCain is not a scary right-winger, and just like many other HRC fans, I believe Bill supports McCain. Obama could probably change that by making a grand gesture at tomorrow's speech. He should acknowledge that some supporters went too far, and that he now stands on the shoulders of among others: Bill Clinton. I would doubt my advice would be heeded. In reference to Obama, I've been wrong on all the major issues.

But I think if Obama makes amends for his outrageous conduct and campaign, Clinton would embrace the historic nature of this campaign.

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