Monday, July 28, 2008

Schools looking to cut athletics


This is an area where we need more federal involvement. Obviously I support school choice and a vibrant market place where parents can make the best choice available. But within the current scheme, athletics should be a top priority for those doing the planning. I disagree with those who view athletics as a secondary priority behind academics. As a whole it offers tremendous opportunities both professionally, and in terms of teaching moments. We should examine the entire impact of sports objectively. If we do, we'll realize that the institution should be at the top of the funding list equal with math and science. For many students, the lure of playing on their favorite sports team is the primary motivator in working to acheive a mandatory grade point average. This is not only not all bad. It is good. Those who are successful in sports have an opportunity to transfer those work habits to any other discipline as they get older. I vote for sports.

Craig Farmer
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