Monday, July 7, 2008

Republican group attacks Obama

Republican Free Speech is still ok!

A newly formed Republican group broadcast its first commercial Sunday in four battleground states as part of a $3 million advertising campaign aimed at Senator Barack Obama.

The advertisement opens with images of gasoline prices flying upward at the pump as a narrator says, “Record gas prices, a climate in crisis.” It then highlights Senator John McCain’s differences with his own party on energy policy.

Instead of complaining about "groups", Democrats should continue to form our own groups, and support Senator Obama in fighting whatever bad impressions are attempted. Free Speech is too valuable in this country for us to give comfort to the ideas of some on our side that these groups should be banned. Political advocacy groups should be encouraged and opposed in the political arena not banned or regulated.

I trust Senator Obama can continue his incredible fundraising from the Primary and will win any advertisement war this fall.

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