Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Obama misstep on gay ban

Senator Obama,
You were on a roll. For the last 8 - 10 major decisions of your campaign you were making sense. You were defining yourself with the best of America. You were being a leader of the Democratic Party with a vision for a lasting Majority.
Then you lapsed back into left-wing land:
There is now way to square this circle:
You believe marriage should remain an institution between 1 man and 1 woman. (really radical, by the way!)
but... you announced in a letter to a gay rights group:
that you oppose the "gay marriage ban"?
What does that mean?
The courts --who aren't the people. Who aren't elected by the people. Who aren't appointed by the current people elected by the people necessarily--- said that California must recognize same sex unions.
This was a horrible decision because it is not their place to tell the people of California what their cultural mores and subsequent laws should be except for very narrow constitutional issues. This isn't one of them.
I would say that even if the court said, the state was forbidden to offer same-sex marriage licenses.
This is a political issue. Now the people in California get to speak.
Obama calls them voices HIS OPINION: divisive?
We the people through our government have a right to define right-wrong, good-bad. That is democracy. Sometimes we win and othertimes we lose.
I support vouchers, others don't. They win, I lose. It's not a constitutional issue for a court to decide.
The people should decide, and politicians should offer leadership.
Obama should have restated his position against these same sex marriages if that is his position, and moved on to another topic.
If Obama supports SSM like Arnold, then state that and move on.
But don't out Clinton the Clintons'. I supported Hillary because I felt she and Bill would find ways to deal with issues like this.
obama's way, this time makes no sense. It is wrong.
Though, I'm still happy overall that he is our nominee and was making sense until today.

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