Sunday, July 27, 2008

Democrats should legalize online gambling

Democrats should stand for freedom as much as possible. Allowing people to play poker online, gamble on sports, and other games of chance is a great way to raise tax revenue and side with the American people.

Billions of dollars are spent gambling in various forms everyday. Of course some people abuse it, but for the most part it is one of many other forms of entertainment. Democrats should support a regime of regulation for gambling online. If Democrats work with the Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casinos it can work politically, and policy wise it is a good idea. Right now, many people have no respect for the gambling ban that is in place online and are either ignoring it or fuming about it. It is not good to have a sizable and respectable population without respect for the law in any serious way. It is usually a sign of a bad law.

Democrats should legalize all legitimate forms of gambling and regulate it so it is brought into the normal business arena.

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